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kurtos_oldThe kürtőskalács is a Székely festival cake. it was madefor wedding, baptism or for the receptin of important guests. Its delicious receiprt was altered by the traditions and the different local custom for centuries. Initially, the Székely men baked this dessert after bread baking above the hot ember.The cake made this way was the classical type. Later the wise Székely peoplerealised that the hot, sticky caramel layer of the melt sugar can easily keep the chopped walnut, with which the enjoyable flavour can be enhanced further. After a long time of experimentation our 8 most popular flavours are: vanilla, cinnamon, walnut, almond, chocolate, coconut, cocoa and poppy-seed.

We need only quality sunflower oil, fresh yeast and water for the Molnár’s kürtőskalács horningredients mix obviously in the right ratio-and we knead it ready with a kneading machine. We elongate the leavened dough to have a thickness of about a finger’s breadth and cut it with an individually made cutter. We coil the prepared stripes spirally ona specially formed wood with the aid of which our pastry tahes on its special shape in baking. We cover the outer side of the rolled dough with a thin layer of oil. The prepared dough this way can keep the sugar layer easier. This layer exhales that unforgettable and unmistakable caramel aroma during baking. In outdoor events the classical baking above ember can be implemented, but in shops, exhibitions and other events the strict fire protection regulations do not make this possible. That is why we developed our electric furnace in a way that its appearance leads us back to be old, nostalgic times.

Why are we so popular with our Molnár’s Kürtőskalács at the different  exhibitions, fairs, festivals, shopping centres and other busy events, places? Because the pleasant caramel and vanilla flavour opens a path for the people at a greater distance. It makes the people curious and they want to find the source of the flavour. When they find us they watch the diffenet work phases with curiousity (rolling up, baking, flavouring) and bombard us with their questions. Besides the flavours, the view and the interesting information due to the unique aromas the tasting is great success. So the visitors in most of the cases immediately become purchasers and sometimes even before their cake is gone they stand in the queue again for the next one.

Besides all that the real secret of our success is: we are taking continuous efforts to offer the best quality in every field!

Bon appetite!